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Weather you've bought your holiday home in Britany or Normandie, or you've decided to sell it , we are here to help, with over 10 years experience on removals to and from France from our base in London, we offering full range of services from full packing , packing of the fragile things or loading only, single items starting from £180.

Shop online and we can recieve your furniture at our warehouse , then delivery to you place withing 7-10 days, we are the door to door specialist with vehicles designed the reach any narrow allee you can imagine or any boat n Dieppe or le Havre, excellent man with van services, free storage in London, perfectly suitable for any size loads.

Furniture delivery

Very matter-of-fact and professional. Moved all items quickly and safely with a minimum of fuss. Provided packing material beforehand. All round excellent and econonmoic service. Took good care of delicate and fragile items.Worked very efficiently at loading and unloading ends. Remained polite and helpful throughout.Delivery end was 6-7 hours drive during bad weather but despite this, van arrived on time and unloading was quicly dealt with. Very good service!

Brittany -North West France

The name "Brittany" derives from the Britons who, back in the dark ages, came south across the English Channel to seek refuge from the Anglo Saxon invaders who were pushing them out of a large part of the island of Great Britain. In this historic past, other Britons fled to the west and south west of their own island, to Wales and Cornwall; and so it is that today, Brittany shares a historic culture with the other Celtic regions of northwest Europe. Today, the French administrative region of Brittany covers four "departments", the Cotes d'Armor (22) in the north, Finistere (29) in the far west, Morbihan (56) in the south, and Ille et Vilaine (35) in the east, bordering on Normandy and the Loire valley area. Another department used to belong to the historic province of Brittany, and this was the Loire Atlantique (44), the area round the city of Nantes which used once to be the Breton capital, but is today no longer in the region. The capital city of the modern Brittany region is Rennes, located in the central eastern part of the region; most of the major lines of communication between Brittany and Paris pass through Rennes, which is a large industrial and university city. Other important cities in the region are Brest, one of the two most important French naval ports, St Malo, an imposing walled city on the north coast, and Vannes, the capital of the Morbihan, with an atractive old town centre. Quimper, the capital of the Finistere, and St. Brieuc, the capital of the Cotes d'Armor, are less important. Lorient, in the Morbihan, was once a major shipping port trading with - as its name suggests - the Orient; but its shipping and ship-building industries have largely declined, and like other ports on the south coast of Brittany, is better known today for its yachting and yacht-building industry. It is also the venue for Brittany's annual Interceltiques music and culture festival.

The main turistic attractions in Brittany are: The Mont St Michel, although is in Normandie, St Malo, Dinard, The tidal powerstation on the Rance, Fougeren, Dinan, Treguier, Brest, Finistere, Morhiban, Lorient, Loire Atlantique, Guerande. If you try to reach Brittany by car you can do via teh motorway from Paris, Lille or Calais, via Rouen , by TGV from Paris Gare Montparnasse, or by air through the regional airports at Rennes, Brest, St Brieuc, Nantes and of course if you need a specialist removal company UK to Brittany thta's "France Removals" based in London.

Normandy -France Removals

Recently reunited as a single region, the area that was once the dukedom of Normandy was until 2015 divided into two administrative regions - Upper Normandy (Haute Normandie), capital Rouen, with its two departments, Eure (27) and Seine Maritime (76), and Lower Normandy, (Basse Normandie) capital Caen, comprising the departments of Calvados (14), Manche (50), and Orne(61). Since Jan 1st 2016, the region of Normandy has been once again reunited, to the satisfaction of many Normans. To the south east, the Normandy area borders on the Ile de France, the Paris region, and towns and villages in this area have developed due to their proximity to the capital. Both Caen and Rouen are sufficiently close to Paris to benefit from the economic vigour of the Paris region, which is the most propserous in France, and from their position between two major hubs of international communications - Paris for air travel(parts of south east Normandy are less than 100 km from Charles de Gaulle airport), and the Normandy port of Le Havre, France's most important international shipping port. Towns and cities in Normandy Le Havre, Caen and Rouen are the three main cities in this region. For details of these cities, see below under Tourist attractions. There are four smaller cities - or large towns, these being Evreux, in the Eure, Cherbourg - still an active seaport, though less than in its heyday when it was France's gateway to America - Dieppe, a minor seaport, and Alencon, capital of the Orne. Outside the towns and cities, Normandy is a prosperous agricultural area, specialising in dairy products, fruit (notably apples) and mixed farming. The most famous regional products are the cheese Camembert, and two drinks, Cider and the spirit distilled from it, Calvados. Normandy is also famous for its racehorses, and the region has many top breeding stables.

From Paris you get to Normandie from Gare Saint Lazare by road from Calais or Lille, by ferry from Uk to Cherbourg , Caen, Le Havre or Dieppe.

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