How Brexit will impact European Removals services

Recently, a report by The Confederation of British Industry established that no businesses based in the UK are ready for Brexit. Not to doubt the quality of this report and its findings, but at France Removals we were slightly surprised to read this – because we’ve been fully prepared for some time now!

Given that European Removals is our specialty, from the moment the UK voted to leave the EU we’ve been keeping constantly up to date with the ‘progress’, of the ongoing debacle that is Brexit. Constantly applying the conditions of Brexit to our own business, our removals experts will be ready to go from day one of the UK’s new relationship with Europe.

In fact, from the day Britain first leaves the EU, all EU Law will immediately become UK law, so nothing changes there. Plus, there is set to be at least a two year ‘transition period’, following the date of leaving, during which little will immediately change for us.

Naturally, the new immigration checks upon entering the EU will be the biggest difference we see, as providers of European Removals Services. However, we are already set to adapt the length of time we take to travel, in accordance with this small aspect of Britain leaving the EU. We will not be significantly affected by the expected blockages at EU ports, as we do not drive HGVs or transport goods for sale in Europe.

So, the end result is that we, at France Removals, will keep delivering the same, high quality removals service you’ve been used to for 15 years. We’re also proud to be both a European and a British company, and will continue to embrace the values of our wonderful, European neighbours for years to come.

Our vans will still be making weekly trips to France, Belgium, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and more, and everyone on mainland Europe will still receive the same, high quality service, unhindered and uninterrupted by Brexit. Over the years, we’ve always kept up to date with customs regulations in different countries, and will continue to do so when Britain leaves the EU.

We’ve never stopped looking for ways to improve what we do, for you, and will continue to do so long into the future, when Brexit is no more than a memory. To get in touch with our European Removals Services from anywhere in Europe, call +44 208 500 3314 today, or any time after Brexit – and our response will always be the same. We’ll do everything we can to make your move simple, stress-free, and cost-effective.

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