House Removals Switzerland

We understand that moving house isn't easy and can be doubly difficult when you are moving abroad to European destinations such as Switzerland. That's why when you're organising your move, you chose a company that can not only see to it that your goods have arrived at your destination in Switzerland, but also leaves you with added piece of mind.

Whether your move is months in the planning or an emergency rescheduling, we can assure your goods in Switzerland at the time you need them; with a sleek, efficient and personalised service.

Switzerland removals

Before your move to Switzerland, you will receive a FREE survey of the goods you want to transported, with a no-obligation quote for your move, as well as a packaging service for any item large, small, convenient or inconvenient.

With an insurance guarantee of up £50,000 on your goods, you know that you are in safe hands when it comes to your big move to or from Switzerland. All of our uniformed drivers are English speakers and drive a fleet of new, GPS tracked vehicles so we will know exactly when your goods go through Swiss customs and when they have arrived safe and sound in Switzerland.

For a removals quote to/from Switzerland, please feel free to give us a call as we would be more than happy to help.

Six compelling reasons to move to Switzerlnd

What do you know about Switzerland? Lots of banks. Lots of snow. Beautiful mountains. Most people don't realise what a wonderful country Switzerland is, and what amazing benefits there are for citizens of this small European country.

Gorgeous scenery. The Swiss Alps are perhaps the most famous mountain range in the world, and easily some of the most beautiful peaks on earth. Other areas of Switzerland offer lush, green rolling hills and perfectly manicured city streets.

Your taxes mean something. Sure, Swiss citizens are taxed more than many other countries, but their dividends come back in the form of free healthcare, public services, a great education system and a clean environment.

Excellent public transport. The Swiss are about on par with the Germans in terms of public transportation: excellent. All Swiss cities are equipped with speedy buses and trams, and are interconnected by a convenient network of trains.

Access to all of Europe. Switzerland is located right smack dead centre in the middle of Europe. It is also a small country, which means that no matter which city you're in, the Swiss border is not far, and the rest of Europe is literally on your doorstep, with countries like Italy, Germany, Austria and France within only a few hours' drive or train ride.

Great healthcare. Along with higher Swiss taxes comes the fantastic Swiss healthcare system, which offers free care to all citizens, anytime, no matter what. This socialised medical system greatly improves the overall Swiss quality of life and brings down Switzerland's statistics regarding disease and death.

Higher salaries. Sure, living in Switzerland costs more. However, the Swiss Franc is an incredibly stable currency and the country is rich, meaning that employees here earn a generally higher wage than in other places.

Erna Low Property provides Swiss properties for sale and accommodation further afield, including much of Europe.

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