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France Removals provide dedicated removal services for full, small and part loads with weekly runs from our warehouse in London to Belgium. We do require at least 1 to 2 weeks’ notice for a moving job to Belgium, so please make sure to give us a call to discuss your needs. Internet orders come directly to our office so please provide as much information about your personal needs. So, whether you’re moving furniture from Antwerp, if you are an antiques collector and need transport for various exhibitions across Belgium. We provide new vehicles which includes a two man moving team, removals blankets and plastic covers available as standard.

Either if you move to Belgium or to the neighbouring countries Germany, France, Holland or Luxembourg we can help you with your relocation to and from UK, weekly runs part loads to/from London or shipping relocation, we offer a wide range of services including eBay deliveries, internet orders, organic furniture, student moves, excess baggage, with a "can do" attitude we are your London based first choice removals and relocation, transport or shipping between UK and Belgium.

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Removals services from Belgium to UK London, any aspects of removals and transport between London and Brussels, Gent, Antwerp, Liege, Namur shipping or relocation to UK, goods insured as standard, storage and external lifts available at short notice or last minute.

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The idea of moving to Belgium may excite you at the beginning, but the real feeling you will experience once you have landed in Belgium can be different. You have to leave your friends and family, your home country and look forward to making friends in the new country. If you have a family and kids, the relocation idea can be traumatic for them, however, it will take only a couple of months to understand the new country and get started in life, moving to Belgium may be the biggest dream of your life and Belgium is a tempting country to live with great climate, excellent lifestyle, amazing food, decent health care and good education standards. The country is absolutely accessible for English speaking individuals and the improving economy opens up new job opportunities.

Belgium and Brussels in particular are good places to come to live and work, whether you are planning to stay for a year or two or maybe for longer. Here are some of the advantages, Belgium has a very lucrative job market, assistance from professional international movers is mandatory to move to an international country, you have to pack the goods and ship them to Belgium and hence, professionals are needed to deal with customs if you are coming outside EU, you need to plan your relocation in advance and give the moving company, a lot of months to move your goods, some of them are ready to help you at short notice.

There is high demand for qualified skilled professionals. This is especially so in Brussels, where most of the EU institutions are based. Plus there are many international corporations located in the city and surrounding region. Flanders to the north of Brussels is also host to many internationally known companies and where most of the Belgian industry is. Housing is relatively affordable parts of Brussels can be expensive, but rents in Belgium are generally much lower than London or any other European Capitals or even New York or Sidney. There's also no shortage of affordable property to buy as well as to rent, commuting is easier, cheaper and reliable, real estate in Belgium is easily accessible for foreign nationals, you can find your temporary new home in Belgium using internet and forums. If you have kids, you should get school admissions before getting started from your home country. Even though it may be expensive, making a trip to Belgium before actually moving to Belgium can be of great help. Although the trains can be full, distances tend to be relatively short. And train tickets are much cheaper than in Britain and are half-price everywhere in Belgium at weekends, transport connections are excellent.The best way to save money while relocating to Belgium is to compare various moving companies before choosing one. The experience can be totally frustrating if you leave the job to unprofessional movers. When you want to take pets and plants with you, understand the customs requirements thoroughly and make sure that the moving company is well aware of the legal issues.

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Living and working in Belgium and especially Brussels means that you're never far from the UK. The Eurostar high speed train service with the UK is now very fast and much more convenient than flying, assuming you live in southern England. It takes under 2 hours to get from the centre of Brussels to the centre of London. You're also never more than a few hours away from Belgium's coast line, most of which consists of golden sandy beaches, a more relaxed work culture, the work culture in Belgium is more relaxed than in the Saxon Countries like UK, Australia or US and employees have more legal protection and social benefits such as vacation, which is usually a generous 5 or 6 weeks after the first year. Belgium also has a world class cuisine that surprises even the French, there is also a huge range of excellent Belgian beers to try!

Language is not a problem, most people in Belgium speak pretty good English and in many large companies the working language is English. Belgium and especially Brussels has a big expat population and you can get by in most cases in English. Learning French or Dutch Belgium's main languages, is however a good idea to get the best out of the country and in order to integrate better.

Belgium is a great location whether you're looking to emigrate longer term or just to spend some time living and working in another EU country. Belgium isn't perfect of course, but overall, I'd say the advantages outweigh any disadvantages. Depending on how you want to lead a life in Belgium, you can get different types of visas. The entire process is simple if you have close relatives like children, parents or siblings who can sponsor you in Belgium. The best way to get a visa is to find a job in Belgium and request your employer to sponsor you. You can also choose to relocate using skilled migrant visa where you have to prove your worth to be accepted as a resident of Belgium on your own.

Of course being only couple of hours to London you always, pack up your stuff can jump in your car, or contact a last minute removals company like us and in 3-4 hours you are back in United Kingdom.

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