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We understand that moving houses isn't easy, and doubly difficult when you go abroad. That's why when you're organizing your move, you go for a company that can not only see to it that your goods have arrived in Switzerland, but also leaves your conscience in one piece. Whether your move is months in the planning or an emergency rescheduling, we can assure your goods in Switzerland at the time you need them; with a sleek, efficient and personalised service.

Our services include:

  • A FREE survey of the goods you want to see transported.
  • A FREE no-obligation quote for your move, including your goods survey.
  • A packaging service for any item no matter how large, small, convenient or inconvenient.
  • Guaranteed insurance for up to 50,000 pounds on your goods packaged for the journey.
  • London based office and storage facility until you're ready to begin your new life in Switzerland.
  • Guaranteed WEEKLY service to/from Switzerland which can help you with small or part loads.
  • Friendly, uniformed, and english-speaking staff with a fleet of new and GPS tracked vehicles.
  • Experience with Swiss Customs to ensure your goods are cleared quickly and without hassle.

  • Living and Working in the Switzerland

    History of Switzerland

    The modern day nation of Switzerland has existed since the Congress of Vienna in 1815, which fully established the modern day state and ensured its neutrality for the next 200 years. The country's political stability as well as important transalpine trading location ensured that it became one of the wealthiest nations in Europe, based especially on a massive growth in the textile industry in Basel. The country speaks German dominantly (some two-thirds of speakers) with French and Italian representing another quarter; the next official language of Romansch is spoken by 1% of the population. Switzerland is famous for its long standing neutrality to the extent that it refuses membership in many international relationships, such as the EU. They only sought membership to the United Nations in 2002, and the referendum to admit them was won only with 55%. However, Switzerland is frequently an "association" member which allows them privileges, such as easing transit from neighbouring European countries.

    Visiting and Residing

    British citizens, or equally British subjects with the Right of Abode in the United Kingdom, do not require a visa to enter Switzerland. However, They will require a fully valid UK passport for the duration of their trip. Visits longer than three months during should register within eight days at their local Town Hall to begin the process of gaining residency.

    Swiss Healthcare

    It is compulsory to take out health care if you intend to live and work in Switzerland, and it must be taken out within three months of arrival. For non permanent visits you can take out health insurance in the country your are departing from.

    Driving in Switzerland

    If you intend to spend more than 6 months in Switzerland driving a British registered car, you must register it with the Swiss authorities. Your DVLA issued driving licence is valid in Switzerland, although you will need to swap it within 12 months if you intend to work in Switzerland. You should carry your driving licence, car papers, and your insurance documents whenever driving in Switzerland.