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Before moving in or out of Switzerland its important to know and to understand which Swiss Custom formalities you have to fill up, either if you are moving to Gstaad or Lausanne for a short period of time or even if you want buy furniture in UK for your Swiss chalet in Interlaken we can offer you advice and guidance.

From our depot in London we have weekly runs towards Switzerland and passing Lausanne, Gstaad or Interlaken, when we can deliver or we can collect your household goods, from few pieces of furniture to a studio flat, house removals or if you need to move your office from Switzerland we can help.

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From building materials, bedroom or living room furniture or entire bathroom suit from reputable international names we can help you when building or furnishing your chalet in the Swiss Alps.

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A brief guide to Lausanne Switzerland


This small city is home to the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee. Travelers, especially Eurail pass holders who finds traveling to Lausanne convenient as it is part of the most efficient rail services in the world, come to Lausanne because it is the gateway towards some of the best ski slopes in the world. Lausanne is in French speaking Switzerland and the two major universities of Lausanne afford the city with a vibrant nightlife and a community with artistic spirit as shown in its architecture and culture.

A Brief History Of Lausanne

There were already settlers in the region during the fourth BC. A military camp named Lousonna was built in the region on the site where the Celts settled. When the Roman Empire fell, the bishop of Lausanne made it its seat. During the Middle Ages, ruled by the bishops, it was developed as the center of economy and religion of the area. The town became a pilgrim route, called Via Francigena, between Canterbury and Rome. More freedoms were won then when the Savoy backed up the citizens. When Bern took over the city, it lost its importance. After then, it is considered a sleepy state except for minor demonstrations from the citizens.

Things To Do In Lausanne

Despite its reputation as a quiet and peaceful city, there are several things to do in Lausanne. Museums are abundant which is sure to entertain museum-crazed travelers. Half a mile away from the city is Musee de L'Art Brut is an eccentric museum filled with arts of the mentally disturbed and criminals. But for those who want to see some Swiss and Modern mainstream art, there is the Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts.

Musee Romaine de Lausanne - Vidy is a historical museum displaying the Roman arts during their ancient occupation. The Cathedrale de Lausanne must be one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Switzerland. It has gothic designs and is overlooking the lakes and the city. For those who want to take a plunge in the waters, the La Suisse Paddle Steamer is a 100-year old paddle boat, which is traversing Lake Geneva for three hours; a good way to spend your afternoon. Or, you can spend your afternoon facing the lake at the Musee Olympique gardens. The museum features everything about the Olympics from its founding in ancient Greece to the present. Lastly, before heading home, spend your night at Bejart Ballet or at Casino Montbenon, for a complete fun-filled experience in Lausanne.

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