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Removals to and from London weekly runs to most of the large cites of France, serving both domestic and the commercial sector, as well as on our returns we can collect anything from an excess baggage, picture, antiques, single pieces of furniture to a student,a flat or a more elaborate moves.

Obviously we are mostly in the large cities like Limoges or Bordeaux but for dedicated services as well as for part loads we covering the whole of France, subject to availability.

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As well as the part load removals services where you can choose the level you like or according to you budget,offering storage solutions at our premises in UK, for long or short periods, as well as packing materials, man with van hire in London or to and from France.

No job to small or to large, prices starting from £150 in our pictures we are showing different type of vehicles, all at different prices, pickup the phone or send us an email, no hidden charges.

A Guide to the Dordogne Region of France

The Dordogne region of France is linked to its surrounding regions both through its geography and architecture. As a result, Dordogne is home to variations in landscape such as the sandier soils found in the south, as contrasted from the limestone plateau of the north. This unique combination of limestone and sand has worked well in producing a golden stone in the Perigord Noir. It is this stone which is responsible for introducing a certain kind of warmth to the buildings reminiscent of the English Cotswolds. In other parts of the region, this stone appears in various shades of grey.

A convenient way to understand the Dordogne region is by simply dividing it into 3 sections: the western section which includes Riberac, Verteillac and Bergerac; the section north of Perigueux and beyond Nontron; as well as the Perigord Noir in the southeast. This region is about 100 kilometers long from the western to the eastern borders and is one of the most densely wooded in France, with 40% of its area covered in woodland. The main activity that is practiced in this region is agriculture and its largest town is Perigueux which boasts a population of 30,000.

The Perigord Noir - The Perigord Noir region of the Dordogne has a distinct character to it, with high hills and dense woodlands cut through by the Dordogne and Vezere rivers. The villages located here are provided with dramatic settings created by the Vezere winds which blow between the hillsides. The Dordogne River flows through a broad valley which is ideal for agricultural activities. Sarlat is the Capital of the Perigord Noir which is a small town with a population of less than 10,000. The town features ancient buildings which have been extensively restored and is a major tourist hub which hosts a series of festivals throughout the year.

The Western Dordogne - Western Dordogne opens out into wide expanses to the south of Bergerac and to the north of Verteillac. The landscape here is rather intimate and features small rivers such as the Dronne and the Isle which flow in between trees, meadows and small fields. The climate here is drier and warmer than other areas of the region, while the winters tend to be very cold. Many artists have chosen to settle in this area which is reminiscent of the coastal regions and which they find conducive for creativity.

The Northern Dordogne - From Mareuil up to Nontron and over to Thiviers, this region of northern Dordogne varies again and is characterized by wetter climate and higher ground which receives at least a meter of rainfall annually. Its extensive fields and woodlands are bordered by hedgerows which create an intensity of green luxuriant vegetation. Rivers Bandiat, Dronne, the Isle and the Cole are also found here although at their smallest. Nontron is the main town which is home to a population of about 3,500. If you love the rural country life that's far removed from city life, then northern Dordogne is just the place for you to settle.

This article illustrates why the Dordogne is the perfect holiday destination. Many people are now investing in holiday homes in the region. Why not browse through a selection of Dordogne Property [] to see if you can find a dream come true?"

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